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Leo & Oginni Trial Lawyers were absolutely awesome taking on my case. John Leo was my direct contact person and he was nothing short of amazing. Anything I didn’t understand, he was able to break it down to where i would understand it. Any information that was received from the other insurance company, he was sure to keep me informed. John kept me informed on everything. The process was long at all either. He played no games with the other insurance company and I appreciated his concern for me and my health, and his knowledge and professionalism concerning my case. Absolutely awesome and I would recommend Leo & Oginni Trial Lawyers to anyone! Thanks again!

Danielle Rudley

Recently got rear-ended with not very good insurance. Out of all the firms I came in contact with, Leo & Oginni Trials were the only ones able to take care of me. They were very understanding and flexible and did not charge for a consultation. They were able to answer all my questions. Was not treated like an average client, more so like family! If you ever need the right attorney this is the best law firm you could come too. Most attorneys just want your money, these ones right here just want to help. These 2 men are so genuine.

Zay Fuego

Leo & Oginni law firm it’s a wonderful and very compassionate law firm, they take care of you. They find every possible means to keep you updated with how everything it’s going with your case and I appreciate that so much. Thanks a lot!

Enujiofor Nony

This was my first time ever experiencing hiring an attorney in any form of situation.

1. This firm made me feel very important in my decision making while giving me advice that would put me in the best possible position.

2. One thing I also love about them is there availability.

3. The person that was assigned to my particular issue never sold a dream to me but gave me honest facts that would lead me to the best opportunity in the situation I was placed in.

4. This firm is very detailed. They walked me through everything and explained every possible outcome through each decision they suggested.

I highly recommend hiring them. Their prices were more than reasonable and their professionalism was unmatched.

Desmun Dangerfield

John helped me out with a last-minute case. The price was affordable compared to other firms, I called about 4-5. He communicated via text and email every day and was genuinely concerned about my well-being. My case was dismissed, I am satisfied and I would highly recommend them to anyone needing a great lawyer.

Asia Mcintosh

Mr Oginni Represented me for a car wreck i was involved in. I honestly must say, He definitely exceeded my expectations. This was my very first experience dealing with any sort of insurance claim but George Oginni made it very easy for me. I’ll admit, I’m not the most patient person nor am I the easiest person to deal with but Oginni. Remained kind and SUPER Professional the entire time... I’d definitely recommend anyone going through legal troubles to hire this firm to represent them. I doubt they'd regret the decision...

Precious Jenkins

It was definitely a pleasure working with this firm and I wouldn’t hesitate to do it all over again. I was rear-ended which caused some damages to my car and back pain. I was referred to attorney Oginni by a friend of mine. I was a little skeptic but I am glad I chose to go with him. George Oginni took my case and handled it extremely well. I was quickly set up to get chiropractic visits and other medical attention. He communicated well and answered all my questions in a timely fashion. He also kept me abreast of what was happening in the process on the insurance end, but the best part is where he got me paid just about the right time! I can't thank him enough.

Silburn Palmer

Amazing job. Very professional. John was always available for me when I had questions. He explained everything to me. He also made sure I understand what was going on in the case. I definitely recommend him. He is the best lawyer I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.

Marlen Garling

If you need help, these gentlemen are a wise decision. They handled everything well. They negotiated with insurance and healthcare providers. The end result was top notch treatment and a settlement that was more than expected. I highly recommend this firm.

Ray Walker

I had a charge that I didn’t do.  The cops took me to jail over nothing.  John fought my case and it got dismissed.  If you need good lawyers to help fight a case then you should hire them for sure!

Darius Fisher

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