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About Us

Leo & Oginni Trial Lawyers, PLLC is a Texas based firm with its principal office located in Houston, Texas. The law firm’s goal is to help people injured by a Car Accident, Truck Crash, Dog Bite, or other personal injury accidents. Leo & Oginni Trial Lawyers' second goal is aggressive Criminal Defense. If you have been arrested for DWI, DUI, Possession of Controlled Substance (PCS), Theft, or other crimes, John Leo and George Oginni are lawyers that can help. The law firm of Leo and Oginni stands on the pillars of service: Hard Work, Integrity, Courage, and Communication. The Leo & Oginni Trial Lawyers prides itself in helping victims injured by Negligent Dog Owners, Delivery Truck Drivers, and 18 Wheelers;  as well as providing Criminal Defense to people charged or accused of a crime. 

Help Is Here!™

Your search for a law firm that you can trust need go no further than Leo & Oginni Trial Lawyers. John Leo and George Oginni are Trial Lawyers who understand the importance of trusting your attorney. We are committed to earning your trust and helping you in your time of need. Help Is Here!™

Our Team


  • John Leo

    john leo in front of a helicopter

    John Andrew Leo is a proud veteran of both the U.S. Marine Corps and the U.S. Army. After finishing his enlistment in the Marine Corps, Mr. Leo was accepted to the Army Warrant Officer Flight Training program. John flew OH-58D scout/attack helicopters for about 10 years before deciding to leave the Army after completing his third deployment to Afghanistan.

    Mr. Leo graduated in the top 15% of his class from Thurgood Marshall School of Law in Houston, TX. He was inducted into the Order of Barristers for demonstrating exceptional skills in trial advocacy and was a regional finalist at the National Trial Competition. John Leo has completed internships with the Fort Bend County District Attorney’s Office, the Harris County District Attorney’s Office, the United States Attorney’s Office, and local criminal defense attorneys.

    John Leo and George Oginni teamed up to form the Leo & Oginni Trial Lawyers law firm. Leo and Oginni focused their practice on personal injury and criminal defense; helping people who have been hurt in car accidents or those who have been arrested and charged needing criminal defense attorneys.

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    Help Is Here!

    Mr. Leo has focused his practice in criminal law, and specifically fighting to defend the rights of those who have been accused of a crime. Whether you have been accused of drug possession, driving while intoxicated (DWI), assault, theft, or even gang related organized crime; Help Is Here!  John Leo will fight to protect your rights if you decide to take your case to trial. Leo & Oginni Trial Lawyers are happy to make the State try and prove their accusations to a jury at trial. When going to trial is not the best option, Mr. Leo will negotiate on your behalf and highlight the good facts to get you the best deal the prosecutors will offer.

    If you have been charged with DWI, Possession of Controlled Substance, Theft, Assault, Burglary of a Motor Vehicle, or other crimes, John Leo of Leo & Oginni Trial Lawyers is a criminal defense lawyer you can trust!

  • George Oginni

    George Oginni was born and raised in Dallas, Texas where he attended the University of Texas at Dallas. While at UTD, George worked with the City of Garland as an economic forecaster to build a water park for the city. After achieving his undergraduate degree in Economics, George moved to Houston to receive a Masters in Business Administration at Texas Southern University. 

    Subsequently, George Oginni attended Thurgood Marshall School of Law, where he served as the Editor-in-Chief of the law school’s law review, tutored all 1L courses offered by the school for ALSA, graduated Summa Cum Laude, and competed in various mock trial and negotiation competitions.

    After law school, Mr. Oginni worked as a legal clerk for one of the best commercial litigation and criminal defense law firms in America, as nationally ranked in “Prestigious Best Law Firms list for 2020.” Mr. Oginni uses his commercial litigation experience to help our client’s cases and fight for the highest settlements; our clients deserve the best.

    George Oginni's primary focus in the law firm Leo & Oginni Trial Lawyers is personal injury and helping people who have been injured in car accidents, delivery truck crashes, or got bit by a dog. Throughout the years, George Oginni has worked as a legal clerk for notable personal injury trial law firms which include cases ranging from Car Wrecks, 18-Wheeler Crashes, Product Liability, Wrongful Deaths, and many more.

    “I naturally have a desire to help people, which is why I love to practice law for a living.”- George Oginni

    If you or anyone you know has been hurt in a Car Accident, Truck Crash, or by a Negligent Dog Owner- Help Is Here! Call or email us today so the attorneys at Leo & Oginni Trial Lawyers can evaluate your case for FREE.

  • I was very impressed with the professionalism and the  way these guys handled my situation. I personally was able to call Mr. Oginni with the most ridicules question, even to myself. He answered every single question with truthfulness and honesty. I definitely appreciate the end results and the defense of my case. I will always recommend them to all my family and friends because that’s the way this firm treats you like your family or a friend!! The entire staff are amazing people I appreciated the experience..

    J Rich

  • I highly recommend Leo & Oginni. They will stand behind their clients and fight for you with their extensive knowledge of the law! If you are in need of a lawyer to have your back do not hesitate to call Leo and Oginni Trial lawyer’s! You will be happy you did!!

    matthew shepherd

  • Leo & Oginni trial lawyers are professional and ensures their clients gets the best settlement. The attorneys are extremely knowledgeable and are passionate about their craft. Best law firm in Houston!

    Tainea Bayo

  • They were helpful, informative, and on top of their stuff. Can’t ask for much more.

    Ami Amega

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