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 A slip and fall accident is never ideal, especially when it happens in shopping centers, public swimming pools, grocery stores, malls, restaurants, resorts, bars, construction sites, and workplaces.

Since Houston's laws regard a slip and fall accident as a personal injury, you deserve compensation for the medical expenses, lost wages, suffering, and reduced quality of life linked to the injuries you sustained in your fall.

Our slip and fall lawyers at Leo & Oginni, Personal Injury Lawyers can help you understand how to go through Houston's compensation process after slipping and falling due to someone's negligence.

What Can Cause a Slip & Fall Accident?

A variety of factors can cause slip and fall injuries. Common causes for these injuries are slippery or wet surfaces, such as floors that have been recently mopped or outdoor surfaces that are wet due to snow. Other causes include:

  • Uneven surfaces
  • Cluttered walkways
  • Poorly lit staircases or walkways
  • Loose floor tiles
  • Holes in parking lots or walkways
  • Wearing shoes with poor traction
  • Inadequate warning signs

Common Slip and Fall Injuries

Slip and fall incidents cause various injuries, including minor bruises, cuts, and abrasions. Sometimes, slip and fall accidents cause more severe injuries, including sprains, fractures, traumatic brain injuries, dislocations, and spine injuries.

Who is Responsible for Slip and Fall Accidents?

In Houston, the person or entity owning the premises where a slip and fall accident occurs is responsible for the accident. The at-fault party could be a business owner or landlord who owns malls, grocery stores, restaurants, bars, gas stations, apartments, theaters, resorts, and work sites.

Property owners are in charge of keeping their premises safe, as well as warning visitors of any possible risks. However, it is essential to note that the law can only hold the property owner liable if they are negligent.

When Should You Get a Slip and Fall Lawyer?

Typically, you can file for compensation without involving a slip and fall lawyer. However, there are a couple of situations where hiring a slip and fall lawyer makes more sense than doing it yourself. Such scenarios include:

If You Suffered Serious Injuries

Serious injuries like broken bones, traumatic brain injury, and spinal cord complications that occur during a slip and fall accident can affect several aspects of your life. For instance, they can wipe out your savings since they are expensive to treat or affect your ability to work and earn a living.

Since insurance companies can hardly compensate for your present and future expenses, get a good slip and fall lawyer to help you. A slip and fall lawyer has the skill to negotiate for the fairest settlement.

If the Property Owner Denies Liability

Though property owners should take liability for slip and fall accidents that occur within their premises, they can sometimes reject responsibility if they have taken all the precautionary measures to prevent accidents.

A personal injury lawyer that specializes in slip and fall accidents helps you find evidence of negligence and can use it to try and prove to a court of law or insurance company that your injuries resulted from the failure of someone to take appropriate care of the property.

If the Insurance Company Fails to Offer Fair Compensation

If you have filed a claim with an insurance company, but they are not offering a fair settlement, do not hesitate to engage a personal injury lawyer. Given their years of practice, the lawyer will help you calculate the amount you deserve as compensation.

Afterward, the lawyer will collect evidence, including medical bills and reports to help negotiate a better settlement with the insurance company. Moreover, the lawyer can escalate the issue to a Houston court of law if the insurance provider fails to compensate accordingly.

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