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I Got Bitten By A Dog, Do I Need A Dog Bite Lawyer?

Dog Bites are very serious injuries.  When a dog bites an adult or child, the large teeth of the dog can cause puncture wounds, tearing of skin and muscles, broken bones, and permanent scaring or disfigurement.  Dog bites also can cause painful and dangerous infection in the bite area. If you or a loved one has been bitten by a dog, contact the Dog Bite Attorneys at Leo & Oginni Trial Lawyers today for a FREE consultation about your case. Help Is Here for dog bite victims in Fort Bend County, Harris County, Wharton County, Brazoria County, and Galveston County.

What Are The Most Common Dog Bite Injuries?

Dog bite injuries can have a wide range, but all are painful....and sometimes worse. Dog attack injuries include: 

  • Puncture Wounds 
  • Avulsions and Abrasions
  • Torn or Ripped Skin (Lacerations)
  • Severed Tendons or Muscles
  • Severe Infection
  • Sprained or Strained muscles
  • Broken Bones
  • Loss of Eyesight
  • Permanent Scarring
  • Loss of limbs
  • Death


Many people have been told by dog owners, "Don't Worry, My Dog Doesn't Bite"... and we all know what happens next..... You find yourself in the emergency room with dog bite injuries.  Dog attacks happen more often than you may realize, and usually injuries from dog bites and attacks are very serious. Dog attacks cause disfigurement and death every year. Recently, a Houston, TX, Pitbull attack involving three Pitbull dogs on the morning of December 21st, 2019 was characterized as a  "vicious dog attack" by the local newspaper. The three dog attack caused severe bite injuries to one woman and caused the death of another. All of the dogs, reportedly, had a history of aggressive behavior. 

What Should I Do After A Dog Bite?

First, call police and ambulance services to get medical treatment started.  The most important thing at this point is your safety and health.  After medical treatment has been arranged, have someone take pictures of the dog bite, the area the bite occurred, and gather information about the dog and the owner.  Get as much identifying information as possible about the dog, dog owner, and any witnesses that may have seen or heard the attack. 

At this point, you will probably be wondering, "what are the dog bite laws in Texas?" or "Who is going to pay for my medical bills from this dog bite?"  To find the answers to questions about dog bite injuries, you should contact a dog bite attorney. Attorneys at Leo & Oginni Trial Lawyers will be happy to speak with you about your case FREE OF CHARGE and discuss what the average settlement of your case could be.

How Do I Win A Dog Bite Case?

In dog bite cases, there are a couple ways to prove the owner was liable.  If the dog has bitten before or is on a "dangerous dog" or "vicious dog" registry, the dog owner will be liable.  When a dog has bitten someone before or even tried to attack someone before, the owner of the dog is on notice that the dog will bite people.  

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What Is The One Bite Rule In Texas?

The "One Bite Rule" is a common law rule that generally states that after a dog bites someone for the first time, the owner now has notice that the dog may bite in the future.  The rule does not automatically assign liability to the dog owner the first time the dog bites a person. Although the One Bite Rule seems unfair, there are other ways of holding a dog owner responsible for the injury the dog caused.

How Do I Make A Dog Owner Pay For My Injuries?

Even if the dog that bit you has not bitten or attacked anyone before, a dog owner still has the responsibility of properly restraining and handling their dog.  This means that, for example, if a delivery driver comes to the door to deliver a package and the dog runs out of the house to attack the driver, you may have a case against the dog owner for Negligent Handling of the dog. A dog owner can also be liable if their dog attacks and they don't stop the attack.

In many cases, a negligent dog owner's homeowner's insurance policy will provide coverage of medical bills for dog bite injuries that are caused from a dog attack.

Does Texas Have A Leash Law For Dogs?

Texas does not have a leash law that requires dog owners to have their dogs on a leash at all times.  However, most cities or counties in Texas have some form of leash law.  In Harris County, and many other counties throughout Texas, leash laws require dog owners to keep their dog on a leash while in public place that are not on the dog owner's property.  There are exceptions for certain approved places like "Bark Parks" or "Dog Parks" that allow for dogs to run freely within an enclosed place. 

Generally, a dog owner is not required to keep their dog on a leash while the dog is inside the dog owner's house. Dog owners can play fetch with their dog, throwing a ball or stick for example, without a leash as long as the dog stays on the dog owner's property.  The leash law DOES require that a dog owner keep their dog on a leash while walking the dog through the neighborhood or at a park that is not designated as a place for dogs to run off the leash.  

If you were bitten by a dog that was not on a leash at a public park or in your neighborhood, you can contact a dog bite attorney to help understand whether the dog owner was negligent and how much your dog bite case might be worth.

Contact The Dog Bite Attorneys At Leo & Oginni Trial Lawyers To Help You Navigate Leash Laws In Your Area!

A dog owner is generally not required to keep their dog on a leash while the dog is in the owner's yard or property.  However, for example, if a dog that was not on a leash while in the owner's front yard leaves and goes to the neighbor's yard and bites the neighbor, the leash law has likely been violated.  A violation of the leash law in this manner will most likely make the dog owner liable for the bite injuries, even if the dog has not bitten or attacked before. 

Can A Dog Owner Get Out Of Having To Pay For My Injuries?

There are a few defenses a dog owner has when their dog bites someone and causes injury.  The dog owner may claim the dog was provoked into the attack or that the dog was being hurt and only defended itself.  A dog owner may also claim that the person that was bitten was not authorized to be on the property and was a trespasser. The dog owner will claim that they don't owe a duty to protect someone from the dog if the person bitten was not invited or permitted on the property.  The trespasser defense is generally not effective for food delivery drivers or package delivery drivers.

Help Is Here for injured dog bite victims in Fort Bend County, Harris County, Wharton County, Brazoria County, and Galveston County.

If you or a family member has been bitten by a dog, contact Leo and Oginni today for a FREE, no obligation consultation about your dog bite case.

How often do dog bite cases actually happen?


Dog bite cases and dog bites in general happen in Houston, Texas more often than we may realize.  One reason for this is that people don’t like to sue friends, neighbors, or other family members.  Most people, even those who get bitten by a dog owned by a neighbor or friend, just don’t feel right bringing a law suit to cover their medical bills.  The reality, however, is that it is usually not the friend, neighbor, or family member who ends up paying the costs.  In many cases, the homeowner’s insurance policy will cover the bills.


Do I really have to sue my neighbor If I get bit by a dog?


This is a question that I have been asked on a few occasions.  The short answer in Texas is, Yes.  In Texas, when a person in bitten by a dog, the injured person has to bring a lawsuit against the owner of the dog.  This means that a lawsuit will look like it may be one neighbor (the person that got bit by a dog) and the other neighbor (the dog owner).  This can be a bit deceiving however.  The neighbor who owns the dog will have the insurance company lawyers representing them, at no additional cost to the dog owner.  As we mentioned earlier, in Texas the person who gotbitbyadog cannot sue the dog owner’s insurance directly, even though the insurance company is the one who will defend the dog owner in the lawsuit.


Who pays for dog bite injuries?


As we alluded to in the question above, if there is a homeowner’s insurance policy, then the insurance will most likely cover the injuries from the dog bite.  The insurance policy will cover the dog bite, medical bills, and cover any future medical treatment needed.  


How do you know if there is a homeowner’s insurance policy?


Generally, if a homeowner is making payments on a house or apartment, there is a policy that covers damages to the house and will cover injuries that occur on the premises.  Similar to car insurance, where you need full coverage while you are making payments on the car in case something happens to the vehicle.  A homeowner’s insurance policy will usually cover dog bites and injuries caused from a dog.

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So, if you are bitten by a dog that is owned by a neighbor, friend, or other family member, don’t feel bad or ashamed about contacting a lawyer.  The same insurance company that your friend or neighbor has been paying for years has the obligation to pay a claim when it arises.  That is exactly what a dog bite case is; a claim on the homeowner’s policy.  This is the whole reason we have insurance.  

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