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  • Feb 6th, 2020

    I Was Run Over by a Car/Truck

    Some of the most devastating car collisions are those that involve an automobile and an individual’s bodily person. Webster's dictionary defines "Bodily Person" as relating to the body; having to do with a person’s body. These severe accidents can occur when a pedestrian ...

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  • Jan 30th, 2020

    Is THC Vape Illegal in Texas?

    Is THC Vape Legal in Texas? Yes, THC vapes are illegal unless you have a prescription. What is even worse than just being illegal is that THC vape cartridges are not treated the same as regular marijuana. THC Oil or THC Wax are considered a Penalty Group 2 Drug (Click Here ...

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  • Jan 21st, 2020

    What Should I Do if I Get into a Car Accident?

    Everyday someone is injured in a car accident in the United States. Although this occurs often, people are unsure of what to do if they get into a car accident. If you drive a car or if you ride in a car then this article is for you. MAKE SURE ...

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  • Jan 20th, 2020

    How Do I Get My Legal Case Dismissed in Texas?

    How Can I Get My Case Dismissed? The number one question on a person’s mind when they get charged with a crime is, “How can I get my case dismissed?” The answer is: Challenge something integral to the case…and win. There are a few things that can be ...

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