Got Pulled Over? Don't Make These Mistakes when Talking to Police

Published December 31st, 2019 by Helpishereadmin

Don't Make These Mistakes If You Are Pulled Over By Police!

  1. Don't argue with police about why you were pulled over. You cannot argue your way out of a ticket or being arrested.
  2. Have your driver’s license and insurance information ready to give when the officer arrives at your window. Don’t give them a reason to say “He/She was reaching….”
  3. Make sure there is nothing “in plain sight” that will allow police to search your car without your consent. If a police officer sees some weed, a pistol, alcohol, or anything illegal that is out in the open, officers can search your car without your consent.
  4. If police ask if they can search your car, the answer should always be “no,” even if you have nothing to hide. Why? Perhaps you drive for Uber or Lyft part-time and someone who had a prescription dropped an Oxycontin pill in your car (PG1 drug, State Jail Felony). Even if you can eventually get the charges dismissed, all the headache could have been avoided by doing what Nancy Reagan said, “Just Say No.” If you are told to step out of the vehicle during a traffic stop, do so politely and close the door. 
  5. This is the most important rule to follow if you have something in the car that you shouldn’t: SHUT THE “F” UP! The body cameras are on and you are being recorded. Everything you say is helping officers build a case against you. Don’t fill in the gaps for them. Instead, you can say, “I would like to speak with my attorney before I answer any questions.”  Don’t be afraid to protect your rights by remaining silent and requesting your attorney.  

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