What To Know About A Personal Injury Lawsuit

Published August 18th, 2022 by Seoteam

Mishaps and injuries are common. But what if, these injuries are caused by an accident or negligence on the part of the other person? This particular situation is pretty common, so much so that 55.4 million people were injured in the US in 2020states NSC

And the fact that these injuries are so common does not play down the pain and suffering that you have to undergo in case you or someone you love is met with an accident. 

However, you can file a personal injury lawsuit and get compensation for the damages, provided that alleviates (even a little) the suffering that you had to endure. 

Experienced injury trial lawyers can help you protect your rights and claim monetary compensation for damages that include any physical injury, or a personal loss. 

But before we head on to the next section, let’s understand what’s a personal injury lawsuit. 

What is a personal injury lawsuit?

As per the American Bar Association

‘Personal injury law, also known as tort law, is designed to protect you if you or your property is injured or harmed because of someone else's act or failure to act. ‘

If an individual or any entity causes you any harm per se, injury trial lawyers can file a personal injury lawsuit on your behalf and hold another party liable while claiming monetary compensation to make up for the damages incurred to you.

Let’s dig in a little bit and understand the different types of personal injury lawsuits. 

Formal Lawsuit

Unlike criminal cases, where the case is filed by the government, a formal personal injury lawsuit is filed by an individual onto whom the damages had been incurred (also known as a plaintiff).

Injury trial lawyers can help you file a court case by correctly assessing the situation and alleging the other entity (individual or business)  for the negligence or lack of actions that might have caused any damage to you.  

Informal Settlement

The informal settlement is how most personal injury lawsuits are dealt with in the real world. Under this scenario, you along with the defendant (the entity who has incurred damages), and your respective attorneys resolve the conflict through early settlement. 

The informal settlement is followed by a written agreement that inhibits both parties to forgo any legal action. 

Different Types of Personal Injury Lawsuits

Not all injuries are eligible for legal liability. We would be listing herewith some common personal injury cases, but to know whether your injury is even eligible for a lawsuit followed by compensation, we’d highly suggest you consult injury trial lawyers

A decent legal firm, such as Leo & Oginni Trial Lawyers, can help you claim what you rightfully deserve in Houston, Texas- where accidents happen every other minute. 

Car Accident

Every year, over 70,000 car accidents happen in Houston due to reckless driving. You can file a personal injury lawsuit against these careless drivers and claim for the injuries stemming from the car accident. 

Slip & Fall

Slip & fall tops the list of personal injury lawsuits. Property owners, at least in the United States, have to ensure that their property is safe and guarded so that no slips or hazards take place. 

In case of slip & fall, the plaintiff can file a personal injury case. However, the compensation or consequences thereof varies according to the law in the particular state where the injury happened. 

Medical Malpractice

Supposedly, you walk into a clinic for medical treatment. The treatment you get, however, is below the medical standards and ends up causing more damage than any help per se. In such situations, you can file a personal injury lawsuit against your medical provider. 

Battery & Assault

This is a peculiar case that not only makes you eligible to file for a personal injury lawsuit, but also a criminal case against a defendant. That’s because intentional torts are not caused because of negligence on the other party but are often well-planned and targeted. 

Final Words

You might come across situations that you feel are eligible for a personal injury lawsuit, but oftentimes, you’d realize that’s not the case. The same is true with the opposite. Injury trial lawyers can help you properly access the damages incurred and claim the rightful compensation that you deserve. 

We’d like to end this blog post with one thing: Time is of the essence in personal injury cases. The sooner you consult an injury trial lawyer, the better. 

When looking for a credible law firm in Houston, you can’t go wrong with Leo & Oginni Trial Lawyers. We take every case as if it was our own. 

Until next time.

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