What Steps to Take if Bitten by Bed Bugs in a Hotel in Houston, TX.

Published October 7th, 2020 by Leo & Oginni Trial Lawyers, PLLC

I got bitten by bedbugs while staying at a hotel, what do I do?

If you are bitten by bedbugs while staying at a hotel in Houston, Texas, there are steps to take to help make sure you can get compensated for your injuries. As soon as you suspect you have been bitten, START TAKING PICTURES!  

Take pictures of the bites and take pictures of the room.  Look in places like under the mattress where the headboard and mattress meet, in corners of the room, and under cushions of chairs or sofas.  Your case is a lot stronger when you actually find bedbugs in your room and get pictures.  That way, there can be no dispute as to whether the bites were bed bugs or not.

After you take pictures of your bites and any bedbugs you can find, REPORT the incident to the managers of the hotel/motel.

What if I accidentally bring bedbugs from the hotel to my home?

If you are bitten, took pictures, reported the bedbugs to hotel management, and then find bedbugs in your home, call a pest control company as soon as  possible.  In a bedbug lawsuit, the cost of getting rid of bedbugs that infested your home are the responsibility of the hotel.  

Should I take the first offer made by the hotel?

As a practice, in bedbug cases, the hotel or its insurance company might call you and try to offer a small settlement in exchange for you signing away your right to further compensation.   Sometimes these offers are $250-$500 and the insurance adjuster will tell you that YOU are LUCKY to even get that!  Don’t fall for the trap!  

If you have been bitten by bedbugs, CALL AN ATTORNEY before you accept any settlement offer. Your case might be worth a LOT more than the insurance company wants you to believe.

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