• Feb 10th, 2020

    What To Do After Getting a Dog Bite from a Pitbull

    Nobody Ever Plans on Getting Bitten Or Attacked By A Pitbull.   For most people, the thought of a Pitbull dog attack and being bitten or mauled by one or multiple Pitbull dogs are what nightmares are made of. God forbid this happens to you or a loved one, but ...

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  • Dec 27th, 2019

    I Got Bitten By A Dog, Do I Need A Dog Bite Lawyer?

    What should I do If a dog bit me? Knowing what to do in case a dog bites you or a loved one makes a terrible situation a little less confusing. Steps to take if you are bitten by a dog: Call emergency services using 911 to get police and ambulance ...

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  • Dec 2nd, 2019

    What is the 12.44a Texas Penal Code? | Class A Misdemeanor in Texas

    What is 12.44 Texas Penal Code? Sec. 12.44. REDUCTION OF STATE JAIL FELONY PUNISHMENT TO MISDEMEANOR PUNISHMENT. reads as follows: (a)  A court may punish a defendant who is convicted of a state jail felony by imposing the confinement permissible as punishment for a Class A misdemeanor if after considering the ...

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